Strips 1-10
A new school year has begun at the Academy of warriors in Ke'l-sar, capital of the Ttau world of T`chala. New friendships are forged and old ones are reinforced while the old masters are recognized. Kor`la, a cadet repeating the course, meets Skraat, a mysterious Kroott from the planet Kraust and Shiva, a shy Ttau from the famous clan Sha.

Strips 11-17+22
For a few days every year the academy runs a combat competition, consisting of three tests that largely determine the final grades of the students in the academy. The tests are only for Ttau, but more by tradition than by rules, so everybody is surprised when they see a Kroott taking part.

The shooting trial is a test of skill and accuracy against one or more static or mobile targets, the number and speed of targets scaled depending on level.

The combat trial is a test of courage and will. Students form groups based on the previous test and must bring down live prey, using weaponry and techniques appropriate for Ttau warriors. The levels of difficulty vary depending on the circumstances:

-Herbivores - Small - Passive/Harmless (level A-1)
-Herbivores - Large - Hostile (level A-­2)
-Omnivores - Passive (level B-­1)
-Omnivores - Aggressive (level B-­2)
-Carnivores - Small - Aggressive (level C-1)
-Carnivores - Large - Aggressive (level C-2)

There are two additional levels for testing heavy equipment, experimental armaments and biological weapons. Its approval is reserved for the highest ranks of the school and its composition is maintained with the greatest secrecy.
-Level D-1
-Level D-2

The test of survival is a test of bearing and strength. In it, the previously formed groups are must pass through the artificial forests surrounding the capital of T`chala and return to Ke`l-­sar. Each group is provided with only limited supplies, and only the first ten groups that return may pass the test. This makes the test of survival a very real challenge.

The forests do not have a very high population of dangerous creatures, and are not lethal at all. However, it is one of the toughest tests for all academy cadets and considerably taxing on the physiology of the students over a period that varies from three to seven days.

Strips 19-30
With the death of Anairol, the Spacecraft world of Eryon has lost its last Fateseer. Only the Fateseer Alba Karael remains.

When the Eldar fleet returns from a war campaign to Eryon after an exceedingly easy extermination of a small fleet of Nyds, no one could suspect that during the last battle, the Nyds had infiltrated in the ships of the Eldar. Here they had entered a state of hibernation, concealing themselves from even the most precise sweeps of the mind of the Fateseer.

As the surviving ships make the return to Eryon, the last Great Seer continues to train her younger sister, Alba Keraiel. Their prey complacent and at their most vulnerable the Nyds awaken, slaughtering the fleet`s crews ship by ship. Against the element of surprise Eryon`s warriors fight a losing battle but ultimately are defeated, only a few escape pods able to flee. Among those to escape is Alba Keraiel, who inherits the mantle of Great Fateseer with the death of her sister.

However, even as the pilot locates a suitable planet for landing, yet more Nyds awaken from within the pods themselves, causing significant damage and sending them to crash land on the planet below. With the help of Sha`shiva, Skraat and Kor`la, Keraiel and Aetherion White Blade, a legendary warrior of the Path of the Spider, survive and come out of the woods more or less unscathed.

Strips 31-39
Without knowing their real value, Kor`la picks some gems from the dead bodies of the crew of the escaping pod that Sha`shiva gives back to the Fateseer. This gesture earns the Kor`la the admiration and gratitude of the Eldar, for the gems are home to the essence of every Eldar after his death and allow access to their wisdom and memories.

After waking up in hospital, Keraiel interviews the leader of the Ttau and asks for help to return home, knowing that the surviving ships of its fleet, full of Nyds, are now directed toward her Spacecraft World. In addition, psychic Nyd infiltrators could attract the rest of the swarm, and without a seer to foresee the danger, the World of Eryon is blind and deaf.

Aun`el Sar`o Valrya grants them access to an escort and a spaceship to get where they want to, but there is a problem: Ttau do not use the interstellar jumps, making it impossible to get to Eryon on time.

Aetherion, the Eldar warrior, remembers that there are a number of ancient Webgates that might lead to Eryon, and with the help of the spiritual gemstone of Karael they could find them.

Keraiel then askes Kor`la to accompany them to Eryon as leader of the escort, where they would honour him as a hero for saving the soul of Alba Karael, Great Seer of Eryon. He accepts and gathers Sha`shiva, Skraat and Sergeant Dutch Johnson, an ancient and mysterious human warrior now converted to the Ttau cause.

Strips 40-61
After consulting the best options with the soul of Alba Karael, the Great White Shark, ­ the ship of the Ttau starts the journey to Karanragh, a former human colony silenced long ago by a raid by Durchii, the dark cousins of the Eldar.

Finally, the Great White reaches Karanragh and crashes on its purple surface. Disembarking, the group makes first contact with the inhabitants of the planet, A Durchii group poorly equipped in the company of some humanoid wolves led by a woman named Vaeradia. Kor`la and the rest are then ambushed by a heavily armed force that outnumber them.

In the scuffle, Johnson is injured and dies trying to save the leader of the Durchii, who takes them to a hidden cave where they try to hide from their pursuers, an elite group of murderers called Vaern`s shadows. According to her, Vaern is the only warrior of the entire Durchii city of Hebradanahast who can track them wherever they might be.

Realizing the danger of this man, and armed only with the Kraust Dragons, Skraat launches an ambush against the Durchii shadow warriors. He is able to eliminate several of these elites and Vaern himself in a masterful display of combat thus earning the admiration of Durchii leader.

After Skraat`s attack, the Durchii leader Vaeradia Rakash Alaran Vaervesa informs Kor`la that due to the sacrifice of Johnson, she is obligated to serve him. Involuntarily, Kor`la becames the leader of the so called "Disinherited ones" in their struggle against Drazzt Rakash Alaran Vaervesa, brother of Vaeradia and usurper of the leadership of the Black Dragon Kabbalah.

Strips 62-75
It was almost a month since Kor`la took the leadership of the Disinherited ones. A month full of hard and tough battles against the Durchii of the city and of the group. Even to their allies, the Durchii are not known for their camaraderie as the darker cousins of the Eldar.

During this time Kor`la found himself displaying an unexpected flair for leadership, to everyone`s surprise, including that of Sha`shiva. Over the course of the month he has plotted a long term strategy now beginning to bear fruit as Drazzt is forced to reposition his troops and leave key loopholes in his defences.

Taking advantage of these gaps in their lines, Kor`la initiates a risky attempt to break into the Durchii city with a small group to reach the portals of the Wraithway of the Eldar, but they are ambushed by a large contingent of shadow warriors. The Desinherited Durchii of the squad are executed on the spot, while Kor`la, Sha`Shiva and Skraat are kept alive. Taking advantage of a distraction, Skraat grabs Sha`Shiva and flees, pursued by the shadows.

Strips 76-81
Just recovered from the poison of the shadow warriors, Kor la awakens in a dungeon inside the Durchii Coliseum in Hebradanahast. With little ceremony he is taken to the central arena and tossed in, unarmed, as the final scrap of the night s entertainment. He finds himself amidst the slaughter of the previous combats, for the spectacle of the Durchii populace.

In the Coliseum, Kor la meets Kharn-­ak, a giant Durchii gladiator who claims the right of possession over the Ttau against all the protests of Hebradanahast`s residents. Unable to deny the popularity of the Gladiator and with no one wanting to confront him to dispute his right, Drazzt grants Kharn-­ak`s request.

On the way to the cell, Kharn-­ak kills the guardian of the dungeon by taking advantage of her overconfidence, leaving the dungeon unattended for the night.

Once in his cell, Kharn-ak reveals himself as the deceased Sergeant Dutch Johnson. He explains about his awakening in a Durchii lab and his attempt to escape and subsequent capture, and his clash with the ex-former champion of the Coliseum and the rescue of a Durchii child thrown to inevitable death in the arena for reasons unknown.

Finally, after being informed of the plans of Kor `la, Johnson reassumes the role of combat leader of the group and takes up the mission of leading the group to the portals of the Wraithway.

Strips 82-109
Skraat flees with the passed out body of Sha`shiva with the Shadows in hot pursuit. To escape his pursuers Skraat flees through a pack of sleeping Renkals in the hopes of throwing them off his trail. Ever the master of subtlety, Kor la chooses that moment to contact them, waking the den of Renkals to the sight of an unwanted Kroott in their midst.

Severely wounded, Skraat is able to escape, leaving the Renkals and shadows together and leaving one of his traditional ceremonial knives behind in the process. When Sha shiva wakes up once again, she leads the wounded Kroott to a Ttau equipment module jettisoned from their destroyed ship.

Following orders from Johnson, Sha shiva is able to stabilise Skraat. Commanded by the veteran soldier she is able to active Ttau battle armour also stored away in preparation for the next phase of his plan. Despite her limited ability with the suit even on autopilot, Sha shiva s assistance is vital for herself, Johnson, Kor la and the Durchii child included to begin the final charge to the Wraithway gate.

Upon reaching the battlefield they are confronted by Kashira, Drazzt s commander of the Ravens. His skill is such that they are delayed long enough for the full might of Hebradanahast s army to be summoned. Unaware of Kor`la`s plan, Johnson prepares himself for his last fight...

Strips 110-126
It is then that the final stage of Kor la s plan comes into play. Vaeradia, Aetherion and Keraiel herself, having infiltrated Drazzt s personal guard, reveal themselves through the illusion cast by the Fateseer. Without his guards Drazzt fails to defend himself, stabbed and cast down into his warriors below, to fight Vaeradia`s proclaimed champion Dutch Johnson. Encased within near-­impenetrable armour, he returns to Drazzt the bomb that had been wired into his heart, giving new meaning to the word obliteration.

In front of all the Kabbalah and with the support of the shadow warriors, Vaeradia claims the throne and every Durchii warrior pledges allegiance, successfully completing the plan devised by the Kor `la to return her to the power.

Finally, the group gathers again and awaits Vaeradia to fulfill her part of the deal and grant them the access to the portal of the Wraithway that lies beneath the city of Hebradanahast.

Strips 127-160
True to her word, Vaeradia teleports the group to the heart of the underground city of Hebradanahast, capital of the planet Karanragh. Ignoring the warnings, the Durchii child enters the tower of the Flesh Mastercrafters, coming across the body of a grossly modified Durchii woman. It spends a little while in her presence as if held there by some emotional bond and then leaves, to find himself in the company of a tiny polymorph creature.

As Johnson examines the Eldar gateway he discovers the remains of old human technology, remnants of the settlement that once existed here before Hebredanahast. As he begins to inspect it, Vaeradia takes Keraiel hostage, as the only one who is able to activate the gate. With Johnson s musguided belief that this planet was the Durchii homeword it is revealed that these people were in fact stranded when their raid on the human settlement went awry, their ship crippled and the survivors forced to begin afresh on the planet.

From within the cockpit of the Ttau power armour Kor la takes aim, drawing a bead on Vaeradia as an incentive to release Keraiel, and is blindsided by Kashira, dislodging the suit from its foothold and sending it into the chasm below.

Skraat faces the child-like Lady of the Vypers, Selene Goriax, who proves to be a formidable opponent, immobilizing the injured Skraat and playing with him.

With Johnson facing Vaeradia and both Kor la and Sha shiva falling to their deaths, Skraat is left against Selene Goriax, the playful and childlike Lady of the Vypers. In his state of injuy she proves to be too much and immobilises him, taking her time to play with him now he is helpless in her grasp.

Vaeradia attacks the Spider Warrior Aetherion and Sergeant Johnson with a neuronal weapon, but Johnson's will allows him to resist, and when approaches, Vaeradia is captured and executed by Johnson.

Strips 161-187
With the suit active and under his control, Kor la begins to shine. With the formidable weaponry available to him he turns to annihilate the shadows chasing them down. Stunned and aroused by this show of force, Sha shiva forces herself upon the Ttau warrior, and the combat suit loses control. To regain flight Kor la is forced to knock out the warrior woman, using the durchii stungun she had brought with her.

With Skraat still immobilised and the fighting coming to a close, Selene finally grows tired of using the Kroott as a boob table, injecting him with flesh eater bacteria with the expectation that they will kill or heal him. Her interest in Skraat over with, she returns to Drazzhar. Moments later his head swiftly removed from his neck after a brief altercation with the scatty Vyper woman, freeing Keraiel from his grasp.

Johnson moves to eliminate Selene as is his remit, surprised by the Durchii`s lack of intent on retaliation. Her acrobatics lead to some peculiar situations as she recognises Johnson from his time in the arena, professing a sudden interest in joining the group of famous warriors. The Eldar don`t want to know.

As Keraiel activates the Wraithway gate, the little Durchii child tries his hand at Imperial technology. His investigation bears mixed results, activating a homing beacon that tracks to some very dangerous humans, interested in capturing Johnson.

Her continued existence having gone unnoticed during the fighting, Lady Edhel Kashira rises to her feet once again, staking one last ditch attack against Johnson. Her final volley succeeds in little more than angering the sergeant, his armour going into critical meltdown as he eliminates Kashira with a choice skilled combination.

With the warriors from above finally catching up with the group they stage a final retreat into the gateway, leaving behind the remnants of Johnson s armour to decimate the enemy forces as its reactor ignites. Selene, miraculously unharmed (or perhaps a little too caught up in the fun to realise) is too tugged through the gate by a brackish red energy in the aftermath of the explosion.

Strips 188-207

The group finally make it to the surface of Eryon, amidst the invasion of the Nyd fleet Araknos. The invasion is full swing, with pods descending upon them almost immediately, contact with one of which connecting Keraiel to the Master Mind of the fleet itself for a brief moment, knocking her mind into a coma. Worried for her health, Aetherion takes her from the heart of the swarm, leaving the rest of the group to fend for themselves. .

Amidst the chaos of the battle, the little Durchii child makes his reappearance, dragging with him Johnson s warhammer. The weapon grants the sergeant a brief moment of power in the middle of the battle as they push for the portal to escape. Against the horde he is overrun and falls to his wounds, rescued at the last moment by Kor la and Skraat.

With the team making for the final portal they find the armour cannot take the weight, going into shutdown to preserve power. Ignoring the warnings of the control AI, Kor la redirects all power to the induction cannon, the recoil of the gun firing launching them through the portal. Alone and seemingly calm, the Durchii child faces the swarm alone.

Strips 208-227
Finally entering Eryon proper, Kor la has the honour of seeing the Eldar army gathered to confront the Nyd invasion with all they have. Climbing from his armour he is introduced to Ureir Kailel, Prime Warrior of the Howling Ghosts shrine. A poor choice of words sees him insult the warrior, saved by the timely intervention of Skraat s blade and Johnson s wit, and between the two they manage to have Kailel appointed as Kor la s retinue, with his status as international ambassador.

Any further complaint is interrupted by the arrival of Aetherion carrying the Fateseer. As the warlock, Selur Alk Kopesh the same who appointed Kailel as a bodyguard tends to Keraiel s mind, Kailel seeks to goad Aetherion with his losses. The warrior is pushed to battle, the two warring soldiers halted by the Fateseer as she awakens.

In an attempt to gain control of the battlefield, Keraiel attempts a communion with one of the remaining commanders. Her untimely intervention results in his death and with her clear inability to lead, the decision is made to revive the Great Seer Karael, as Eryon needs a leader to cast her gaze ahead.

Strips 228-256
Sergeant Johnson, still passed out from his wounds, finds himself wandering through the halls of a massive Eldar structure, stumbling across a mysterious and enigmatic old man, who explains the situation and where they are inside Johnson s mind. As the two discuss Johnson s past he is offered a deal, in return for being allowed to awaken once more.

The sergeant wakes to Skraat and Sha shiva holding back Nyd infiltrators and the trio are forced to retreat in the face of the oncoming horde. Chased through the corridors of the Craftworld, they come face to face once again with Selene and the nameless Durchii child, neither able to justify the way they came to be there.

The rest of the party off on their own errands, Aetherion attempts an incursion into enemy lines, to eliminate Nyd biobatteries so that they power cannot be brought to bear against the awakened warriors defending Eryon. In his haste and stung by his pride he fails to see that he has fallen into a trap. Unable to fleet the warrior is drawn into combat with his nemesis, One-Claw-death-­in-­the-shadows, and is bested by the biological beast, slain and devoured.

Aetherion then awakens into a mysterious reality, where the god of the Spider Shrine and Lord of the Spider Templars appears as a giant arachnoid figure. It reveals the presence in Eryon of huge forces who make look the strength of the nyd weak in comparison and that will condemn the Spaceworld , including The-Great-Thirsty to Aetherion. It tells Aetherion that the SpiderLord need his help to put the destruction of Eryon to some benefit for the Eldar race.

Strips 257-279
The Eldarii of Eryon fight tirelessly for each inch of their homeworld, but they are steadily being pushed back to the main gate of the citadel. Even the arrival of Kor`la and Ureir Kailel grants them mere seconds of relief, halting the Nyd advance for a short while. In the wake of their appearance the matriarch of their endless foes gathers her forces for the final assault.

Meanwhile, Aetherion, his soul assimilated into that of the spider Fenix and acting in tandem with the enigmatic being, initiates his own plan with the summoning of a crystal spider from the mystic circuits of the homeworld.

Teleporting to the heart of the spacecraft world, Fateseer Keraiel and Serul al kopesh proceed to summon the soul of the deceased Fateseer Karael into a giant souldreamer, in an attempt to use her extensive experience to peer into the future. Despite her superior abilities she is unable to see beyond the present, a dire predicament for those still living. Refusing to give in to despair, Fateseer Keraiel changes tact, calling on the spirits of Eldarii long-dead in the hopes that they may offer some insight she has yet to know.

Now together with the Durchii child and Selene Goriax, the scatty, unpredictable Durchii arena-fighter, Sergeant Johnson, Sha`shiva and Skraat wander the empty corridors of the spacecraft world looking for an access to the surface, even as the Nyds tunnel further and further around them. They are ambushed by a serpent-like Nyd that is beaten by Selene and thrown down an elevator shaft, dragging Sergeant Johnson with it as it falls.

Strips 280-302
Within the walls of the citadel, the final bastion of safety for their ship, Kor`la, along with the Eldar warrior Ureir Kailel meets Suin Dannan, the leader of the remaining Eldar Defenders. Many of the remaining Eldar populace have retreated below to a safe bunker, along with a limited number of soldiers, leaving dwindling numbers to stave off the all-consuming threat outside.

Pressed by circumstances, Kailel informs Suin Dannan about the plan to awaken the avatar of the god of war by themselves, despite the fact that only the high Fateseer of each Spacecraft world is fully versed in the ritual required to awaken it. However, the ritual is not unknown to the Howling ghost warrior, who parts ways with Kor`la, intent on saving the eldarii people at any cost.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Johnson wakes up in the undergrounds of Eryon, wounded but alive after the body of an alien has cushioned his fall. Fleeing the swarms of nyd bioharvesters, he finds an entrance to an Eldar building similar to that seen in his dream, and pushed by necessity, enters into it, stumbling across an Eldar spirit gem.

Strips 303- 317
Finally, the final nyd assault begins. The first waves reach the foot of the walls and the defenders push them back at great cost. As in many such conflicts the early assaults fail to break the defenders, but the Nyds come in great numbers and will not be so easily stopped.

Leaving the defence of the gates in the hands of Suin Dannan, The howling ghost Ureir Kailel faces the nyd infiltrators alone, descending into the bowels of the spacecraft world and heading to the central chamber, where the heart of the God of War is kept. However, the threat is much greater than expected, and Kailel is overwhelmed by the nyds, to be saved suddenly by Skraat and the rest of the crew, on their route to the surface.

Strips 318 – 328
After an unknown time roaming the old, forgotten corridors in the bowels of Eryon, Sergeant Johnson finds himself in an ancient trophy room, home to artefacts innumerable, and the old man whom he had seen in his vision. This man reveals himself to be The Lucypher, Keeper of Traditions of the Angels of Death. Having failed in his own sacred task, the Lucypher was condemned to carry out his task even after death called for him. After many trials and challenges, he gifts Zael Johnson with a suit of ornate armour, that of the Guardian of Traditions. With this comes the Lionsblade, a relic of the first of the First Legion. Donning the armour and taking the blade to bear the mantle of the Lucypher, Johnson begins his long journey back to the surface of the spacefaring world.


Strips 329 – 356
Within Eryon’s walls, the remaining Eldarii fight a losing battle against the endless tide of Nyds, fighting with a bravery born of the defence of their home. They are not enough to hold the gate. A huge Jawsworn burrowing from beneath tears up through the defenders, laying waste to the soldiers before the arrival of Lord Fenix, of the Reaper Spectres, appearing in time to fell the beast but not to save those at the gate.

With the gate decimated, the Nyds swarm into the central citadel to be met by a coordinated defence from those who stand, led by Suin Dannan, Lord of the Scorpions. Suddenly and without warning the Reapers withdraw from the defence, leaving those that remain without the strength to continue the defence. In light of this, Suin Dannan launches a counterattack in a desperate attempt to close the gate. A small group of Eldarii, Kor’la, his armour now recharged, and the Scorpion Lord escort the world’s last trio of Boneshapers to the breach. They are successful and they manage to briefly erect a defence, but it’s a short-lived victory. Its event heralds the arrival of the Nyd Matriarch, who demolishes the barrier with the collective psychic might of the swarm, assaulting the breach and obliterating the defenders who still held there, shattering the will of the Eldarii and sending Kor’la’s armour crashing to the ground at the head of the swarm.

Beneath the fighting, Kailel leads Sha-Shiva, Skraat, Selene and the Durchii child through the halls of Eryon. The group forces through, though the place is crawling with Nyd infiltrators, until an encounter with Death-In-The-Shadows, the Nyd which felled Aetherion, almost halts their progress but for the timely arrival by the Lord of Spiders, saving Selene’s life at the last moment. The Fenix Lord takes the Nyd with it, teleporting away to the surface to slay his prey. The four continue on.

At last they come to the Hall of the Young King, where the shard of the heart of the God of Blood and War resides. Intending to call it to their side Kailel takes the splinter and begins to call the Avatar of their god to her body, but the Lord of Spiders intervenes. Locating the chamber through Aetherion’s knowledge of the world the Fenix Lord materialises, stealing the splinter and instead sacrificing Selene’s soul, calling the God of War to her body in Kailel’s stead.

Strips 357 – 373
Closing on her prey, the Nyd Matriarch begins to peel away the armour housing an unconscious Kor’la, to be thwarted by Fateseer Karael. Reincarnated in the artificial body of a Great Souldreamer the former Fateseer takes to the battlefield, engaging and managing to restrain the Matriarch for only a brief period. It is enough; Fateseer Keraiel makes it to the field to this scene, calling forth the knowledge and power of the ancient Eldarii to exercise her own will on Eryon, forcing the wall’s breach closed once again and cutting the Matriarch and her Praetorian Guard off from the swarm. This accomplished, Seluralk Kopesh, the Warlock, warps Karael and Kor’la away to the last remaining bunker where the injured soldiers and last few million Eldarii now seek shelter.

But they need soldiers – they need people to fight. The battle is far from won. Fateseer Keraiel digs deep into the ancestry of her world, drawing on the spirit gems of the fallen warriors and brings to war the Spectral Souldreamers, animated guardians given thought by the souls of the dead and given power by the bond to her soul. The arrival of this new force grants them only a temporary reprieve – even against this new threat the Matriarch is a beacon of power. Intending to tear Keraiel and her army apart she directs a brute-force psychic attack at the Fateseer, shielded by the Karael and her Great Souldreamer body. The cost is the frame of the Souldreamer, but Karael’s spirit gem is not yet gone.

Siezing the advantage the Matriarch turns this strength against the Fallen Fateseers once again, but for the second time she is thwarted. Her psychic strike collides with another beam, fired from the Ttau accelerator cannon, Kor’las weapon winning out and tearing through the Matriarch’s attack, her head evaporated by the blast and the swarm’s link to the mothership suddenly severed.

Strips 374 – 383
Its bond to the surface snapped, the mothership adjusts and recalculates, and begins a new plan. The swarm’s most potent warrior is awakened and ejected, and so the Patriarch, King of the Swarm, crashes into Eryon along with two new Matriarchs. It is not met with the despair and broken morale that it expected.

Instead, a great rage takes hold of Eryon’s defenders. So great is this fury that their very eyes alight with fire, and channelling this new strength, the warriors of Eryon steel themselves and hold their ground, but the weak willed guardians, are overwhelmed. A berserk rage takes over as the God of Blood and War ascends to the battlefield, its very presence consuming the body of one decapitated Matriarch. Unfortunately it is not the God of War as they would wish it; something dark lurks within, and Suin Dannan is the first to realise and voice this, but he is not yet able to react.

Having reached an open route to the surface Sha-Shiva and Ureir reach out to contact Kor’la and Keraiel respectively, only to be whisked away to the surface by Seluralk, High Lord of the Council, in response to their communication. Upon being informed of the damning nature of the God of War, the High Lord warns all those who can hear to resist the call to violence, and realises that they must destroy their avatar.

Strips 384 – 391
Seeing the threat with equal clarity to Seluralk, the Nyd Patriarch calls forth his own forces, from the greatest lurkers to the smallest bioharvesters, they come at the corrupted God of War in great waves. Each surge is repulsed by the being of war embodied until the remaining Matriarch attacks, unbalancing the God of War and leaving him open to a fatal backstab, punctured by each of the Patriarch’s four bone spears.

But this does not yet herald the end, nor the worst of the matter. The Warlock shares more knowledge, that upon the death of the War God, all of the dark beings within him will have nothing left to contain them, and without a spirit jewel big enough, will surely detonate in a maelstrom of dark power, and with that it will no longer be possible to prevent the incursion of a great and terrible power from the spirit realm. Even as he speaks the Avatar of War surges forward once more, a melting fusion of fire and necrobone, hurling itself at the Patriarch. The Nyd Praetorians attempt to intercept, but against its incandescence it is futile and they are no more than ash and dust in its wake. In a final act of fury the God of War shoots skyward, dragging the Patriarch with him, out of Eryon and deep into the heart of the Nyd mothership, where a final detonation heralds the Avatar’s end, and the release of the coalesced warp energy directly into the heart of the swarm.

Strips 392 – 405
As was foretold and as Seluralk feared, this great release draws the attention of She Who Thirsts, the one the Durchii of Karanragh call Nahesh, and her gaze comes to fall on Eryon. She is stopped only by the Talisman of Void, a vast network of countless millions of sigils spread across Eryon, there for the sole purpose to prevent the ingress of beings of the non-universe. Even so, in her current state, connected to so many souls she holds, Keraiel begins to suffer from the proximity to such a dark being, and Seluralk is forced to release the contained souls, and begin to reorganise that which remains of Eryon’s people.

The Talisman of Void does not hold long. Revealing the next step of his plan, the Scavenger Fenix calls upon the crystaline spiders that defend the mystic circuit, and orders them to destroy each of the seals that form the talisman. The veil falls, and the path is opened to the Thirsting One, pouring into Eryon as a great purple fog, and consuming the souls of the living and spirit gems of the dead alike. Then the fog reaches the bunker and runs down its steps, consuming those it finds and forcing Slahii in through their bodies; demons from the other side.

With an excess of energy gathered and no longer limited by the suppressive talisman, She Who Thirsts tears open the barrier yet further and casts the remains of the God of War back down to Eryon, possessing it with her own essence. Through its body, for the first time since the Great Fall Awakening ten millennia ago, the Firstborn Belasabashaethalikahl rises to full form on Eryon.

Strips 406 – 459
The greatest daemon of She-Who-Thirsts attacks the survivors only to be stopped by the Scavenger Fenix Kerse Lycosidae. Upon his arrival, the team seeks refuge in the last eldar bunker, only to be attacked by the horde of minor daemons possessing the last eldarii civilians. The heroic defense conducted by the last defenders probes useless, as one by one, the team member fall dawn before the might of the Firstborn daemon

Only a desperated last plan devised by Kor`la and conducted by the whole team as a whole leaded by the combined minds of Fateseers Keraiel and Karael brings Belasabashaethalikahl for a short moment to his knees, but clashing against his unbreakable shield, the team falters down

Everything seemed lost until the arrival of Sergeant Johnson, convinced by the small durchii kid (apparently) to take unsolicited part in Kor`la`s plan. Claded in the armor of the Lucypher and carrying the holy Lionsblade, his presence (or maybe the relic`s) weakens the daemon`s shield enough for Johnson to shatter it with an ancient psiquic blade thus opening the path for the Ttau armor weaponry to destroy the Firstborn`s body.

Strips 460 – 476
With the destruction of the physical embodiment of the greatest Slah, the energies are liberated and the non-universe`s essence gathers in a huge figure and caughing Kor`la in the deflagration, almost mortally wounding him, just to be stabilized in extremis by Sha`shiva.

The daemonic essence, powerful as it was, tells the team that his return to the non-universe will create a huge rift in space and time that will link together both universes allowing the pass of more demons freely into the flesh realm consuming whole sectors of the galaxy forever. Feeling this as a pre-established signal, the little durchii child reveals himself as Malizia, God of Hate and Vengeance and proceeds to consume all the energy condensed in the flesh universe.

After a short quarrel with Johnson, Malizia reveals a secret pact with the sergeant for his involucration in his plan in exchange of the body of the durchii kid, as well as himself as the main orquestrator of all the acts that led to the consumption of Belasabashaethalikahl and the weakening of She-Who-Thirsts. Finally, amused by the Lucypher`s boldness, the Dark God leaves with a criptic farewell message anouncing Johnsons final failure.

Finally, after the leaving of Kor`la, Sha`shiva, Sergeant Johnson, Skraat`s children Kwark and Ureir Kailel from Eryon through the Great Wraithway Gate, Alba Keraiel, Alba Karael and a handfull of other souls start the long and hard task of rebuilding the spacecraft world as a Graveworld.

Deep in the non-universe, the Spider Fenix sets foot into Malizia`s lair, jeweled by the infinite champions of the gods frozen in time surrounding the maimed bodies of two greatest slahii of two gods, aswell as the empty jewels for two more of them, they recognize their cooperation in the great plan, and the follow up of it.

Thank you to JRD for his help proofreading.