2021-11-16 14:14:14

The WWCR answered back!

The World Wide Cancer Research just sent us this email back to thank me.
But it`s all thanks to you, people. You rule!

2021-11-10 12:43:38

Ocboober 2021 money sent!

This year`s campaign was awesome!
When I get a message from the AICR, I`ll upload it here!

2021-05-20 20:03:11

Eatatau`s TVTrope

Hey! We have a TV Tropes`s page about Eatatau!
It`s awesomely long and complete, and like 95% correct!
(3% slightly incorrect details, 2% very incorrect) which is an incredible rate and shows that whoever wrote it (it wasn`t me, I swear) read all of it! XDDD

Thank you man (or lady), you cheered up my day!

2020-10-20 07:19:05

RSS issues

We are having some problems with the RSS feed. We will fix it as soon as I learn what a RSS feed is, how it`s supposed to work and how to fix it.

2020-09-30 12:11:46

New site, GO!

Today, September the 30th of the gloomy 2020, exactly ten years after the release of the first EATATAU page, we proudly launch the new Eatatau comics page! Let`s hope it lasts!