Pixie Dust - Scene 19

July 8th at 22:35pm
Commissar Katharine Bryce clears her throat and reads from an old and dusty notebook.
-So, to recall. Little Anya and I were sent to Chagoth Primus to investigate why Chagoth's recruitments for the Guard did suddenly stop, and so far, this is what we have. Soldier...-

Thanatos Tempesti exhales a dark cloud of smoke and nods.
-I was a veteran member of the Chagothian 106 regiment before I was reassigned and defected with a couple of brothers. There were almost one million fully armed soldiers on the planet waiting to reinforce the Venisae Crusade, and more than another million and a half with their training period almost finished who went missing.- Exhales again- ...but nobody knows where they went-

LIV blinks and takes a sip from her plastik cup. Her body doesn't need almost any nutrient, but her brain enjoys the glucose from the cheap carbonated drink.
-I possess the knowledge of the geolocation of the troops-

All the heads except Anya`s, who is too busy stuffing her mouth with cheap groxx meat and cereal processed baked paste, turn to the Mechcult adept.

-They are reported dead in combat, although the reports were never released to the military.-

Thanatos looks at her with a fierce look in his eyes -How do you know this?-

-My brain was used as a Techno-Organic-Processor for the military intranet over the planet. I processed and stored every line of code, order and requisition sent through it.-

The soldier grunts in disdain
-I can't imagine any reason good enough to leave my body behind to become a furthing computer willingly.

LIV turns her head slowly with a mechanical and ominous sound.
-Me neither. It was not a consensual decision and I will not go into further details.- She looks again at Commissar Bryce- But, as I told you the first time we met in the planetary commissariat`s building, I have important information you must know.-

-Ref 1- The geolocation of the missing troops.
-Ref 2- The geolocation of the source material for the compound P1-10 known as “Pixie dust”.
╙►Additional information: The geolocation of the missing troops matches that of the origin of the shipments of the source material for the compound P1-10 with a margin of error of <1500 meters.
╙►Additional information: The coordinates of both locations are located at the mining area known as “Red Reach”
-Ref 3- The main responsible of the troops deployment.
╙►Additional information: Ref.MCD156V2 -Commissar-General Jarsus Stulton.

-Furth! Stulton!
- Thanatos repeats the name as if spitting it. -He was the second in command until former Commissar General was found dead. We all know that bastard can´t be up to no good!-

Doctor Nikia Bast swallows a piece of fried tubercule and lifts an eyebrow looking at Tempesti.
-Also, I had never considered it before, but it`s true that the cases of Pixie dust overdose I treated have been increasing since around the time you said the troops started to disappear. That can only mean that there has been a huge increase in its consumption. Could all of those events be somehow… related?-

Commissar Bryce lifts her eyes from the notebook she has been scribbling on and nods.
-So, this is what we are going to do:

What to do now?
1-Head to the Red Reach mining area. According to Commander Pernus` intel, that zone also matches with the disappearing convoys location.
2-Go talk with Commissar General Jarsus Stulton about the troops` deployment.
3-Withdraw and inform Commander Pernus about the little information gathered.

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-