Pixie Dust - Scene 18

July 8th at 22:30pm
-Unrelated relevant information:-What are you doing there? How many guards and how many more rooms are there down here?

The little man squirms while being kept upside down in Anya`s huge fist.
-I… I dont know no shit! I need to go back to work! I need to…

Commissar Bryce gets her face close to the man's and points at the crates piled up at the bottom of the huge lab. -What's that pink stuff?-

The man looks puzzled as if he had seen a two headed clown riding a groxx through a minefield.
-That's... pixie dust, of course… no?-

-You speak as if I should be knowing it…

Doctor Bast hawks a second and takes a small vial from her field first aid kit bag. It contains a purplish dust similar to that of the crates.
-The compound P1-10. It`s a recreational drug that has became a great hit in Chagoth. Everybody, from the highest lord in the tallest spire to the dirtiest rat in the lowest slum uses it. Its effects include euphoria, relaxation, arousal, hyperactivity and some others, depending on what it is mixed with or the way of consumption.-

Commissar Bryce raises an eyebrow. -You seem to be very… knowledgeable about that drug-

-As I said, everybody in Chagot Primus know of it. I have experience treating its effects and also, some time ago I did some research over it, and identified some of the elements it's made out of, like
(points at a flowerbed of cultivated flowers) the Hilithia pollen or some chemical preservers, although there is… “something” in there nobody could ever identify, and that's one of the reasons it cannot be replicated.

She takes a couple of vials and shows them to the group, each one of them holds a slightly different color dust.
-But it can be duped by mixing it with cheaper elements to adulterate it and maximize the profits. Mainly the more pink the dust is, the purest.- (She takes a bit from over the mixing table and looks at it through her big glasses) -I have some samples here with different quality levels, but it`s the first time I have come close to something this pure.-

-So, “Pix” it is… - Thanatos has an angry tone in his voice and says the word as if spitting. -I know of too many good soldiers who threw their lives off the sumps because of that shit. At the very end of the day, it's nothing more than another furth that makes the poor poorer and the rich richer. I say we blow this place off with everybody inside and call it a day. Let's tell Aegor the job is done and go back to find the missing troops.-

The monochord voice of LIV on the speakers of the room makes heads turn around. The Mechcult-adept is still plugged into the computer, motion and expressionless.
-Commissar Bryce. I came across some information about this operation.
-Ref 1: There is an undetermined number of production facilities for the compound P1-10 like this one all scattered over the planet as secondary production plants.
-Ref 2: All of them seem to be receiving at least one of their source materials from one specific place.
╙► Additional information: Location successfully retraced back to origin.
-Unrelated relevant information:
-Forces of defense of the base alert due to silent alarm. Remaining time, T- 130 seconds.
-Unexplored facility surface: 85%.
-Facility plasma generator core overload option: Available

Doctor Bast looks to the lab and all the expensive equipment -Blow the core? Isn't it a bit too drastic?
Commissar Bryce shrugs -I guess if we had brought the witch with us we could destroy only the cargo and the equipment and leave the place, but as we are now, we just don't have another way to clear the place.

What to do now?
-Face the incoming defense forces.
-Overload the core and blow the place off.

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-