Pixie Dust - Scene 17

July 8th at 22:25pm
The steps disappear as the sound of a heavy gate shutting down echoes through the corridor. Commissar Bryce the turns left and carefully looks around the corner. There is nobody in there, but two heavy auto-gun turrets point to their general area blocking the view beyond.

-I can not deactivate the defenses from here- says LIV -But I can render us invisible to them-

Advancing as one, the team surpass the twin linked heavy bolt-guns and reach a heavy looking elevator designed for moving goods more than people. There are only two buttons, so it must go down only a level. All of them get in the big space and the elevator starts moving down.

For some seconds the flashing red of a light bulb is all the light they have, and just like that, the elevator stops and the doors open revealing a shocking view.

The room is huge, with big machines covering the walls and creating corridors along people covered with plastek light suits carry boxes with a red dust. Crates of boxes packed with a pinkish substance are piled up at the bottom of the room. Two guards with breathing masks turn their heads to the sound of the opening doors of the elevator, and with clinical marksmanship, three flashes of light emerge from Thanatos`s weapon, silencing them before they could raise the alarm.

The workers are focused on their job and pay little attention to the team, probably more scared of not getting their quotas than the impending danger.

LIV sits in front of a cogitator console and plugs herself into the main system. The rest of the team scatter around, and after a short shout and some muzzled fight sounds, Anya comes back dragging across the dirty floor of the room a kicking man wearing a lab coat.

What should they do now?

-Wait for LIV to finish and inform
-Interrogate the worker
-Investigate the pink substance
-Keep investigating the rest of the rooms

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-