Pixie Dust - Scene 16

July 8th at 22:23pm
Commissar Bryce exhales as she advances through the foul smelly corridor of the underground facility. The psyker didn't take well being left behind, but her powers were a liability she cannot overlook. Very well knew Katharine the risks of non-sanctioned witches to leave one alive… much less accompany them on a mission.

The group advances guided by the geolocator implemented in LIV`s cortex. Uploaded with information from Aegor`s server, it shows the display of a well defined map of an old and abandoned level of the hive where the smugglers could be hiding.

Katharine, Anya and Thanatos coordinate their movements, taking cover and moving forward like a well trained unit with LIV and Nikia behind them trying to not trip in the pitch dark. Suddenly, Katharine lifts a closed fist and the group stops moving. They spot a closed door with an electronic lock that looks out of place here.

LIV touches the lock slowly, almost like caressing it and extends a bronze cable from the base of her skull, inserting it in a multipurpose port of the metal door. A red light tilts a couple of times and turns green. The gates slide to a side revealing a small and dark room that was probably used some centuries ago as storage.

The three soldiers advance to a short and irregular stair that leads to a high ceiling corridor partially blocked by debris, barbed wire and old boxes. To the left, the corridor goes on around twenty meters and turns right again. Some reddish light and the humming sound of heavy machinery come from there.

To the right, the corridor goes on and ends up in a big reinforced metal gate with a big double lock.

Suddenly, the sound of incoming steps echoes in the long passageway and the group withdraw back to the small storage. An undefined figure crosses in front of the doorway from left to right carrying something wrapped in ragged clothes in its arms.

What do you do?
-Wait for the figure to leave and turn left
-Wait for the figure to leave and turn right to the first door
-Wait for the figure to leave and turn right to the door down the hall
-Try to subdue the figure right now

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-