Pixie Dust - Scene 15

July 8th at 0:29am
-Priz. Please, be a dear and take them to the lost and found room-

The thin woman exhales loudly and indicates the team to follow her. Aegor waves them goodbye and gets into an elevator with the lady in the smart suit behind him writing something in her tablet-cogitator.

While being lead through many corridors and elevators (this is indeed a big building) Commissar Bryce slows down and walks beside LIV.
-You owe me information
-Affirmative. However I`m not authorized to disclosure it in front of recording devices and/or unauthorized civil personnel. Right now I`m detecting we are in the rank of action of three different recording devices...including her.
-LIV looks at Priz.
The psyker shrugs -Hey, don't mind me…

Finally they arrive to the bottom of a regular looking corridor that ends in a set of double  gates
-When you decided to get in between a group of bounty hunters and their… bounty... -Says the psyker pointing at Thanatos with a quick movement of her head- We had not much time for gathering stuff before the scrappers would flood into the place. But we still managed to take you and even recover some of your equipment.-

The double door opens revealing a room with some items. Including little Anya`s pacifier, who looks at it and rushes into the room, hugging the huge weapon as if it was a stuffed doll.
Doctor Bast smiles at the scene -That`s so cute...-

Thanatos looks at the huge weapon with an arched eyebrow -Now, that doesn't look cheap...-
Katharine looks back at him and smiles -Yeah, but the military paid for it. You should have seen the orthodontist's bill instead…-
-The what?-
-First time Titanya saved my life I promised her whatever she wanted, and she asked for a nice smile “like mine” because of... reasons, I guess. That took me a whole year salary.-

-Well... the Guard doesn't provide with advanced dental insurance coverage but still, praised be it.
-Good answer-

Priz gives a couple of light weapons to the women and then tends an old lasgun and some used clothes to Thanatos. In one of the pockets he finds a sharp razor blade. She points at the door. -There is a restroom at the end of this corridor. I suggest you go now and use it.-

Commissar Bryce unsheathes a used knife and checks its blade -Can´t we get a bit more of firepower?
-Anything heavier than this and that bitch of Martina will charge it to you as a new debt. Now, ladies, if you are done chitchatting we should get moving-  

The commissar looks at the psyker in the eye- “We”?
-Yeah, I`m coming with you. I have debts to pay and grudges to settle-

-Select your 5 assault-team quest members- (multiple votes option: on)
1-Commissar Katharine Bryce- Leader of the group. Hand to hand specialist. Inspiring presence.
-”Little sister” Titanya- Ogrin bodyguard. Hand to hand specialist. Big and Dumb.
-Thanatos Tempesti- Chagothian Imperial guard veteran. Marksman. Weapons specialist.
-Nikia Bast- Field doctor. Basic military training. Healing.
-LIV- Mechcult adept. Technology specialist. Hacking and tinkering.
-Priz Asagri- Non-sanctioned psyker. Pyrokinetic. Keep it hot.

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-