Pixie Dust - Scene 14B

July 8th at 0:23am
The artificial body still requires a couple of hours of tinkering and adjusting, but the four hands of LIV run through the tools and equipment of the room with clinic expertise. After that, she sits down in front of a computer and starts typing. Long lines of code are displayed on the screens with the twenty fingers of the Tech Adept moving over the holographic keyboard at an unbelievable speed. She stares at the unintelligible and mysterious language for hours and rewrites some of the lines.
In the small waiting room, Anya and Thanatos snore on the floor while Commissar Bryce looks through the thick glass of the laboratory impatient and a bit bored.  
-It`s amazing. Isn't she?- The old voice of Aegor sounds in the corridor and Commissar Bryce nods slowly to the slowly approaching old figure.  -The old machine language… - Aegor goes on talking to nobody specifically. -Do you know Martina in there knows a bit of it? She did try to get into the Mechanic cult when she was a little girl and when she failed she avoided becoming a servitor only through her family money and quite a lot of... help- The old man smiles.
 Under the gaze of the lady in the smart suit LIV clicks a final key and plugs in the code into her own brain. When she is done, Martina offers her a spray can of synthetic skin and some clothes. The lab doors finally open and the three women come out to meet the rest of the group.
The old man steps forward and tends a skinny and fragile hand to the robbed lady.
-Hello, dear. Do you know me?
 -Aegor Nowak-
she says -I have registry and news concerning your persona, although all the registry in the Arbitatorii files seem to be erased. However there is a backup cache of some of them in the military memories linking you with some mayor offenses and highly punishable crimes...-
The smile on Aegor`s face slowly dissipates.
-Or should I say “there was” a backup? I hope erasing all of that... “information” will be more than enough payment for my… liberation.-

The old man smiles again.
-That's greatly appreciated, although it was not really necessary, dear. You are not the contractor here. She is. - He slowly turns towards Commissar Bryce and tilts his head. -So, are you ready to deliver the payment for my services, milady?

-Sure. Let`s hear it- 
-I have a couple of easy errands you can run for me…  Awww! Don't give me that look, dear. It`s nothing too fancy. I would never ask you to do something morally… "cuestionable" out of your regular line of work.
You see, there is a rumor of a… “thing” in the sewers that is making city operators working down there disappear. Of course, there has always been tales of monsters and worse about the lower levels of the hive-city, but recently these incidents have been moving towards the main city. Because of reasons, I need the drainage systems to be clean and safe, and recruiting a cleaning team would cost me quite a sum.
So, I need somebody to investigate and clean whatever is causing those problems.-

The lady in the smart suit leans forward towards Aegor and whispers something to his ear.

-Oh, yeah, there is also that matter... You see, there is this criminal group who has been smuggling goods into the hives without paying the official taxes and tariffs. The local security forces are unable to find them and put their activities to a halt. They are causing distress and hurting the delicate social balance in the cities and… Also they are getting some amount of influence in my usual “circles”.
So, I'd be very grateful if they decided to… suspend their activities.-

The old man looks at the commissar in the eye and shrugs slightly.
-OR, you could save it for later. Having the High Commissariat owing me could prove a great feat in the proper time...-

What to do?
1-Investigate the drainage levels. (This could prove difficult for little Anya, who dislikes cramped spaces.)
2-Investigate the smugglers lair (Finders keepers?).
3-Owe Aegor (What's the worst it could happen anyway?)
4-Attack Aegor. (Fuck everything)

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-