Pixie Dust - Scene 14A

July 8th at 0:11am
Priz shrugs slightly.
-I liked the Custodian model better, but I guess that's not a bad choice either.
The woman in the smart suit comes in and heads towards Commissar Bryce.
-If you are so kind of following me, we are on a tight schedule.
Aegor waves the group goodbye with a short movement of his arm, and goes back to his cogitator. The door closes without any sound.

The underground laboratory is clean with an aseptic odor that makes little Anya sneeze frequently. A series of undetermined machinery is set around a thin but strong looking table where the artificial multi-limb body model “Multitasker” awaits open and lifeless.
-Please, put the case on the table and leave.- The woman in the smart suit looks at Nikia -I think you could be helpful to me in this matter. Stay, please. The rest of you, wait outside and interact through the inner communication system only if needed. The procedure is quite standard, but not totally risk free.-

The armored container is connected, opens and its metallic voice echoes again along with the tilting lights on the front panel.
-Functional basic functions activated. Geo-localization activated. -
╙►-Additional relevant information: Its been impossible to connect to the information network. -

The woman in the smart suit doesn't lift the gaze from her tablet-size computer and answers to nobody specific. -I designed this room myself to block all communications. No matter the way, they wont receive you as long as those doors stay closed.- She smiles and takes a rotating tool with many heads. -Let's begin.-

-Warning. Removing the individual from the cryptosarcophagus without providing adequate life support will destroy the organic elements in 0.2 standard hours.-

-Uhm... Doctor Bast, please, come here and hold the nuchal cavity open-
- ...the what?
-The nape, the back of the neck. Somebody didn't do a proper job here and the Spinal cord is still attached to the encephalon.-

Ten creaky and bloody minutes later, eight vertebrae and some bulbous ooze leaking matter is piled up in a tray on the table. Some hammering noises and goose bumping screeches later, the old spinal-matrix interface is attached to the back of the less-than-ten-kilograms-of-a-human-being lying on the table. The women lift the bust whose head moves like a dead weight and insert it in the artificial body. More tinkering and screwing, and the life support system is ready to be turn on.

-That took a little longer than expected. Let's hope the safe time margin was just an approximation...-

Suddenly, the eyes or LIV open wide. Her mouth starts moving, but no sound comes out of it and the body remains still. The woman in the smart suit types something in her tablet and confirms. LIV turns her head towards the two women in the room, two of her hands head to the tubing and wiring behind her head and fiddle back there for a couple of minutes. Suddenly, one of the tubes begin pumping blood all over the table, but she quickly reconnects it to another port. Finally, she adjusts the plugs of the spinal matrix interface and shakes her hair, still wet from the amniotic liquid of the sarcophagus.


Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-