Pixie Dust - Scene 12B

July 8th at 0:01am
-Mr Nowak? Your appointment of the 18:35 is here as requested-
-Thank you, dear. You can make the next person come in too, and leave us alone, please.-

The lady in the smart suit nod and leaves the room as the figure obscured by the light starts walking down the stairs towards the group. Soon its revealed as an old man whose old frame creaks with each step down the expensive stairs. Priz runs towards him and holds the old man's arm helping him moving. A faint metallic sound echoes in the ample room when the two similar devices around their necks and heads touch. The old man`s is a bit smaller and looks more advanced, but it's still a burden in such a fragile looking body. He smiles the skinny woman and turns his gaze to the Commissar.
-So, what brings you here, First rank Commissar Byrce?-

Katharine inclines her head uncomfortable and a though crosses her mind for a second. The old man`s following smile is warm and a bit sad, as if he listens to an old joke that he still enjoys.
-Yes dear. I`m a psyker myself-

-You are Aegor? The ruler of the underworld of Chagoth? You are…-
-...not what you expected, I know. I can see you were waiting for a huge jacked iron cladded warlord under whose mere name and bloody blades both the lower scum and the high royalty tremble in fear.
-The old man chuckles- But you know that power comes in different shapes-

-Oh, But don`t look so concerned!- Laughs the old man. -I`m a low level psyker and completely lack any attack powers.- He hits the bronze device with a bony finger emiting a low frequency “clink”- In fact, without this device, my powers would be almost non existant. It amplifies our abilities and protects us from the perils of the… “other side”.-

-So, you read my mind? You know what I`m doing here and why I`m here?-
-No, no, Commissar. Not yours.-
He points to the opening doors and The giant shape of Anya enters the room with a big tray of expensive-looking sweets she is almost choking on -Hers.

She stays quiet chomping on a mouthful of crumbs and looks away distractedly as she realizes Commissar Bryce is looking at her as if she had done something bad by not following the orders of waiting for her.

Aegor keeps on talking -I`m a low level telepath and divinator. I can't read complicated or well-trained minds like yours… But your friend here is another matter. She is quite loyal and loves you above anything else. That trust is something so rare and valuable nowadays…-

He looks at the giantess for a short while and smiles again at her devastated expression when she realizes she finished the whole sweets tray and there is no more left.

-But even though I didn't crawl my way up to the top charring my enemies or drowning them in their own blood, I know what people want even before they know they want it. -The door then opens and the same lady on the smart suit enters the room with another similar tray of sweets. She leaves it on the table next to the talking group and leaves without a word. Anya`s face shines.

-Having valuable information like this makes people very happy and grateful, and thus granted me not a small amount of power and control in this planet.-

He takes a simple chair next to his huge and bulky desk moving away a very expensive looking armchair and sits down.
-Now, the thing is… What is it going to be your sweet, Commissar Bryce? And how much are you willing to pay for it?

What to do now?
-Ask Aegor about information concerning the disappearance of the troops in Chagoth.
-Ask Aegor for a body for LIV
-Attack Aegor
-Other (what?)

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-