Pixie Dust - Scene 12A

July 8th at 0:01am
The Commissar follows the psyker through alleys almost too narrow for Anya to go through and crossing ramps so steep that borders on the ridiculous. At some moments, some rats sneaks out of their path, and at one moment, a lowlife pulls out a rusty blade from a pocket and approaches the three women, only to turn around when he sees Priz's bronze mask. Finally, she approaches a circular hole in the ground and unscrews a metal lid. With a snap of her fingers, she creates a luminous sphere that she drops inside. It deflagrates upon reaching the bottom in a fire storm. "Cleaned. Get in"

Anya refuses to enter in the sewers, and sits down on the dirty ground with a pouty face and two thick tears peeking out from the edge of her huge puppy eyes.
-She can't get in there, and even if she could, she doesn't like narrow, dark places-

Priz shrugs and jumps inside. The sounds of her footsteps become weaker as she enters in the underground labyrinth with an occasional deflagration to clear the road ahead of her. The Commissar looks at Anya and caresses her brown curls, getting the armored container behind her own back. "Okay," says "Wait for me here and I'll be back soon."

The maze of humid and dirty tunnels leads the two figures to a demolished wall that blocks their way.
-So this “Aegor” of yours lives in the sewers…
-Don't be ridiculous-
The psyker puts her hand on a piece of polished metal and a slight hum precedes a rumble when a metal door hidden in the rubble opens revealing a small metal elevator. -Aegor wouldn't go down here for all of Chagoth's money-

After what seems like an eternity ascending, the elevator stops with a rumbling sound and the doors open to what looks like a maintenance room. Opening the door with a simple doorknob, the women come out to what looks like a large reception room with several tables on one side. Priz heads quickly towards one of the counters.
-Aegor awaits us-

The woman in an elegant work suit is quietly typing in a compact cogitator and answers in a dispassionate tone without raising the head from her work.
“It is still early. Mr. Nowak will receive you in twelve minutes as stipulated. Until then, feel free to use the recreation room as usual.”

Upon entering the next room, Commissar Bryce is surprised to see the already familiar figures of Thanatos Tempesti and Nikia Bast. Both seem nervous and surprised to see her there.
-Bryce! Did they get you too?
However, before anyone can give any coherent explanation, the door opens and the woman at the reception counter enters the room with a small digital device and a headset.

"If you are kind enough to accompany me, Mr. Nowak will attend you now."

Another elevator and several more minutes of ascent later, the group enters through a large door to an ample office room with colonnades and statues carved in marble, a luxury and an extravagance on a hive planet. At the top of a long staircase, in front of a window that dominates the top view of the city, there is a figure obscured by the twilight fading sun...

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-