Pixie Dust - Scene 11

July 7th at 23:57pm
-His name is just Aegor. No other information about him is known. He rules the underworld in Chagoth and some said that his influence goes even beyond. The different gangs pay tribute to him in order to operate in the hive.-
-So, how do I find him?-
-You don`t. In time, when the word that you are looking for him spreads, he will find you. And it won't take too lo…-


-You two-. A familiar hollow and raspy voice sounds behind the commissar and the giantess and they turn around in the dark alley to find out a skinny and highly tattooed figure with a heavy looking bronze spiky helmet surrounding a thin neck with a strange mask covering her face attached to it.

-The psyker!

Faster than a thought Commissar Bryce reaches for her knife, the very unique weapon she still possesses, and makes it fly towards the woman who simply dodges it and starts glowing red. Ironically, the coming burst of hot air makes the Commissar freeze, and the mask of the pyrokinetic woman retracts back into the helmet showing a grinning scarred face.

-I prefer the term “Cosmic Witch”- replies with her glowing aura dispersing into the cool air of the hive night. -...but you can call me Priz-

She pulls the knife from the wall behind her and offers it back to the puzzled Commissar. -That`s a kitchen knife- says with disdain putting her hand on her own`s combat sickled knife.

- Aegor want to see you. Come with me and maybe I`ll get the chance to roast you off later. Don`t, and I`ll do it here and now.-

Now that the psyker`s mask is off, Commissar Bryce can spot two sawed-off protuberances slightly sprouting out of the woman´s skull. Some kind of horns? The witch is clearly a mutant, or some other abhorrent abhuman.

Nikia and Thane refused to get any close to this Aegor`s whereabouts and next to her, Anya plays absently with a flashing light bulb, still carrying the armored container.

Now, the question is… What to do?
-Trust Priz and go with her. She could have killed them in the spot… unless she wants to use them to find Thanatos Tempesti and Nikia Bast.
-Tell Priz to fuck off. You will find Aegor and deal with him on your own terms.
-Purge the mutant! Attack the “cosmic witch”. If you manage to surprise her, you may have the upper hand this time.

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-