Pixie Dust - Scene 10

July 7th at 23:54pm
"Damn it!" The commissar closes the armor plates and turns off the portable generators of the sarcophagus.
With a dry growl Katharine Bryce points at the sarcophagus and the Ogryn hangs it on her back tied with heavy leather straps. She heads towards the airspeeder vehicle and sits at the controls. The giantess hops in the open cargo area and sits down placing the armored container between her legs while resting her arms on it. Soldier Tempesti and campaign doctor Bast look at them from outside the vehicle. -What's going on?-
The Commisar looks back at them knowing that she is at a crossroads. The two civilians know her name and rank, and if they get caught, a good military interrogator could get that and much more information. The safest thing would be to eliminate them right now... -Sighs.
-Hop in and I'll explain everything. I promise.-

The air disheveles Anya, who enjoys pulling her head out of the cargo area as if it were her first ride. In the front cabin, three figures squeeze into the two seats of the pilot and the co-pilot.
-The following information is top secret and any attempt at disclosure or filtration is punishable by a level three Opus Traitori execution. By knowing it, your civilian status is subject to imperial military control and you will be considered agents of the Astra Imperialis with Executor rank, and therefore, superior to any military power of planet Chagoth.

The Commissar looks directly at her perplexed interlocutors. -That means that if it were relevant to the mission you could enter the personal chambers of the planetary governor, take out his liver and eat it in front of him and, after the mission, there would be no punitive action or legal repercussion-

-My name is Katharine Bryce. -She continues- I am a First rank Commissar working under the orders of the High Command of the Aurean subsector in the eastern segment of the galaxy. I was ordered to investigate the cessation of recruitments in Chagoth Primus and the disappearance of the troops stationed on the planet, but I barely have a couple of starting points... - She extracts the data plate she received from Commander Pernus and activates it. -Apparently there is a region to the northwest in a mining area where a series of convoys have disappeared without a trace-

-The Red Reach- the doctor answers uninsterested -I don't think it's related to this. That area has been a source of urban legends in this hive world since long before the disappearance of troops began.
-Well, it's all the information we have-
says Katharine -The information Thane offered led us to search the military records, and now we have a… “hardware” that we cannot access without giving away our position to the entire planetary military force, and we do not even know what it contains…-
Field doctor Bast rubs her chin a second thoughtfully and scratches her neck.
-But Zero-one-zerozero-oneone-zerozero said that it wasn`t she who was broadcasting, but the device to which she is connected, and that we couldn`t remove her organic elements from that cryptosarcophagus thing without providing an adequate life support system...-

The Commissar turns off the lights of the vehicle and descends almost at ground level when she perceives in the distance the unmistakable silhouette of a formation of three assault ships heading towards their former position. She holds her breath as they pass by ignoring their presence. -...your point being?-

-My point is… I know a guy who could give her one ... but you may not like it and he might not be willing to, taking in account that we blew up many of his grunts back in my office, including one of his lieutenants, whose brains you took out for a walk with a vivisection scalpel.

-Are you nuts??? Shouts Thane -Aegor wants both you AND me dead! I'm not going to step willingly into his hands! -

What is Commissar Bryce going to do now?
1- Investigate the Red Reach mining zone
2- Go see this “Aegor” to try to get a life support system for LIV
3- Fuck all. Go back to Commander Pernus with the little information you have.

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-