Pixie Dust - Scene 9

July 7th at 23:43pm
The commissar takes one last look at the memories and turns off the security bolts of the armored- container with the LIV code. The countdown stops at the moment she releases the last safety valve and the room is filled with a thick fog of coolant that is quickly absorbed by the ventilation ducts.

The container is heavy and Commissar Bryce begins to hear a noise on the other side of the armored door. The unmistakable sound of plasma cutters resonates out of the cogitatorii room. -Just one way out- thinks looking towards the window.

The heavy rifle of the fallen guard shoots a burst against the tinted glass of the narrow window making it explode in a storm of crystal and rockrete. Without stopping, she secures a thin cable to one of the central cogitators and jumps through the open hole, slowing her fall little by little until she stops hundreds of meters below. In the upper room, a stir of lights indicates the arrival of the military guard. It took barely a minute indeed, as the metallic voice indicated through the speakers.

With even more questions and no answer, the commissar rolls through the facade of the high administrative building and falls a few meters when the cable that holds her reaches its limit. She releases the cable carabiner and incorporates. Even her trained and reinforced body is aching after such a display of agility while carrying the heavy container at her back.

After lowering herself to a contiguous building, she advances by the roofs and arrives at one of the inferior levels, where the former soldier Tempestus awaits at the controls of a "commandeered" rudimentary airspeeder. Anya takes the heavy container from the back of the commissar and places it in the open back part next to her before it gets off. Considering the reluctance of the giantess to get into narrow places, finding a vehicle with an open cargo area couldn`t have been easy.

The vehicle stops at an old and apparently abandoned building. Inside, the field doctor Bast moves away from an old table the few supplies he has been able to gather in such a short time and examines the container that Anya has placed on it.

-These are not the memories you were looking for. What have you brought? - Says repositioning her large glasses over her eyes and looking at the commissar Bryce -This is campaign material, but it does not seem military tech. Is it something you trade with, merchant?

-Something like that- says pressing a button on the bottom of the container. A series of diodes and lights flash and go from red to green. When a small screen unfolds in the base of the container, the voice that the commissar heard over the speakers in the cogitatorii room sounds from the voxprojectors of the container.

-Functional basic functions. First rank Commissar Lady Katharine Bryce, I appreciate my release and I am willing to provide you with the information you require. Additional relevant information: This container is connected to a private information network and transmits geolocations in real time.

A suspicious look crosses the faces of Doctor Nikia Bast and the veteran soldier Thanatos Tempesti as they both hear the metallic voice -Commissar of the first rank? What does that mean? - says the nervous doctor putting her supplies in a leather bag already assuming the answer.

The commissar clicks her tongue in a gesture of disgust. -What matters now is that if this thing is broadcasting it means that they are tracking us- She redirects her gaze to the armored container and points at it with a finger. -You! Who are you? How do we mislead them? -

The voice speaks again, monochrome and metallic.

Ref 1- Designation 01001100 01101001 01100001 01101110 01101110 01100001 00100000 00110100. Maniple MCCXII, L series, unit IV.
Ref 2- Multiple options-
╙► -While this unit is connected, it will be broadcasting. Logical action- Disconnect it.
╙► -Change of geolocation coordinates -Temporary solution
╙► -Abandon the cryptosarcophagus. -Warning. Removing the individual without providing adequate life support will destroy the organic elements in 0.2 standard hours.

Thanatos grunts exasperated. -Who are you talking about? What elements? I just want to know what the furth is going on!-
In response, a metallic hiss resonates in the dark room when the upper armor plates of the container slide back revealing its contents.

What should the group do?
1- Ask LIV for the information available about the relocation of the troops at this time and leave her behind before they trace the signal to the hiding place.
2- Military troops must already be heading towards this position. Disconnect the sarcophagus and find another place to extract the necessary information as soon as possible.
3-Your cover has been blown up! The commissioner may try to execute Thanatos and Nikia at this time to protect their identity and mission.
4-Something else. (What?)

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-