Pixie Dust - Scene 4a

July 7th at 22:57pm
Commissar Bryce points her gun at the witch and fires. Three incandescent rays of red light impact on the rotating glyphs that the strange woman has conjured and are consumed in the hot air as they disappear against the psionic shield.

-Little sis! Take her down! - Shouts pointing from behind the cover to the witch.

The roar of the Pacifier is momentarily silenced when the giantess turns around to aim at the new target loyally following the received order without question. The group of mobsters that were flanking the group, now free of the suppressive fire that was stopping them from acting, emerges from its cover and shoots against the unprotected back of the giantess, who is hit by a storm of varied projectiles and stumbles, falling to the ground.


Furth! - Thanatos empties half a magazine in a burst of automatic fire over his own group of attackers trying to keep them at bay, but he's forced to hide when both the group that entered through the front door and through the back door's fire converges on him.

However, the attackers don´t get close to the group even though their cyber-implants are clearly destined to strengthen their melee fighting capabilities, and the group takes a second to reload.

The psychic cold that hit the tavern just seconds before disappears suddenly when hell breaks loose in the small room. In Tzhik's wars and during the pacification of Illuminate Tertius commissar Bryce had seen (and used herself) many flamethrower weapons, but those memories pale at the unleashed power of the Pyrokinetic Witch. Tongues of fire cross the old and dusty tavern, devouring the "wanted" posters set for bounty hunters and the few pieces of furniture of the room, engulfing all those still present in the interior of the room. Along with the suffocating heat, the smoke and soot of the parchments and clothing concentrate in the center of the igneous maelstrom, suffocating the group and the few mobsters who had not retreated outside the local.

Commissar Bryce falls to the floor unconscious passing away from the heat and the inhalation of combustion gases and soldier Tempesti follows her into the darkness a few seconds later.

Darius Craine

-"Pixie Dust over Chagoth" is a Choose-your-own-adventure kind of story currently running in Patreon!-